365 Days of Photos

The first week of 2017 marks a time to write down our goals, to do list, things to see, places to visit and so on. This year, I'm throwing away my list and working on things one day at a time. Why? Every year I write a list and every year I get disappointed. Half the items on the list I didn't accomplish, the other half were half assed. Instead, I am going to write down my accomplishments and my failures. Yes! Even the failures. This is to remind me what didn't work and to learn from it, or to never try it again. 

#1 I started 365 Days of Photos. I believe every photographer should take up this project. I find my skills as a photographer grow each time my camera is in my hand. So why not pick up my camera every day? Follow along while I begin this journey of taking a photo every day for 2017. 

These are taken with my Canon 5d Mark III or my trusty IPhone 6.