I completely understand how overwhelming and completely time consuming managing your content and blog becomes and am stoked to show you how I can make it work for you instead of you working it on top of everything else you already rock at daily. Below are the options for the services I offer. I include a customized strategy for your account to accomplish the goals you want during an online or in person consult. If you have any questions at all, please be in touch. I'm here to help you and am SO damn excited to get you kicking ass and rocking your blog with ease.


/// Freshen + Clean up

Starting at $800

Let’s get your blog and website sparkly fresh + cleaned up! Includes a growth + engagement strategy for your account moving forward, bio revamp, monthly content plan relating to your content + goals, + research/analytics on your account + market and a 4 hour brand photo session. (One time add on at start of monthly service or purchased seperately.)


/// Half N Half

Starting at $750

Let me lighten your load a bit. I'll develop the content (1 blog post and social media photos + copy) of up to 20 posts each month, and post at the best times M-F based on your analytics. We’ll work with you each month on  ad strategy and live video content to gain traction.

/// I've Got Your Back

Starting at $1000 (for 4 Blog content + 20 days of Social Media copy)

I do it all so you don’t have to. Includes daily posts, monthly content (photos + copy) plan consistent with brand + relating to your blog/site, weekly connection w/ influencer, daily engagement on your account, daily engagement with current and new followers, ad strategy for best reach + results, + days of the week posting themes. (Monthly customized full service option.)

/// Light Touch

Starting at $575

I'll will create a blog content strategy + plan for you each month based around your goals, current content, and the trends that month. We will develop content (social media photos + copy based on your blogs you create) of up to 10 posts each month. You handle the growth, posting + engagement for your account.



Contact me below for a one on one either in person or a Zoom chat online. We'll decide what maybe best for you, if you want to add the Freshen + Clean Up option, decide on fees and draft a contract + start date. 

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